Minimal Typography Design Adobe Illustrator | Satori Graphics | ฟอนต์มินิมอล

Minimal Typography Design Adobe Illustrator | Satori Graphics

นอกจากการดูบทความนี้แล้ว คุณยังสามารถดูข้อมูลที่เป็นประโยชน์อื่นๆ อีกมากมายที่เราให้ไว้ที่นี่: ดูความรู้เพิ่มเติมที่นี่

It’s Tom with Satori Graphics back with another graphic design Adobe Illustrator tutorial; today we embark on making a minimal typography design in Adobe Illustrator with this tutorial. I love typography design and art, and I have been asked to make more tutorials based around minimal typography, so I hope you all do enjoy todays Satori Graphics minimal typography design.
We will be using the pathfinder tool heavily in this tutorial, as well as tools such as the type tool, shape tools, selection tools, pen tool and a few other Adobe Illustrator tools. I would not suggest that this minimal typography design is too difficult to advanced, but the final outcome is a pretty cool typography design in Adobe Illustrator.
If you found this graphic design upload on how to make a minimal typography design in Illustrator enjoyable or useful, let me know in the comments section and drop a like on your way out. Subscribe to stay updated to all of my uploads and until next time, design your future today, peace

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Lowrider by Joakim Karud, check his music out here


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Minimal Typography Design Adobe Illustrator | Satori Graphics

ฟอนต์​ตัวเขียน มินิมอล

ฟอนต์​ตัวเขียน มินิมอล

homework & study (ミュージック)

Lofi chill study beats lo fi hiphop mix. 1 hour study background music playlist mixtape, for work, study, reading, drawing, sleep. Enjoy~
べんきょう おんがく
RLIFEPLAYLIST 🎧:\u0026list=PLdN1I8mCepFLRXJSmHkNM2qAIDWL4XkhL\u0026index=3
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homework and study ミュージック (music)
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We have permission to use all materials (music and art), so please don’t use without permission 🙂
00:00 Ibrahim quiet dreams of crowns and metamorphosis .
03:35 Aso waiting .
07:15 J L Summertime .
09:30 latejune Fall From Love .
11:44 aForeTime Im Sorry .
13:32 City Girl soft static sky on early mornings .
16:22 KEEM.THE.CIPHER Blossom (with Sugi.wa) ,
18:32 Silk.y. keep It (Dream Easy Exclusive) .
20:44 Somar sunny ,
23:16 Somar My Window (Feat. EQNX \u0026 Joseph Jacobs) ,
25:53 latejune roses left behind .
28:38 mommy hilfiger it rained when i first saw her (ft. meybirb) .
30:14 Kenai Nobody Know .
33:15 Player Dave Can’t Remember .
35:40 Ibrahim sharing an umbrella .
38:10 Elijah who You don’t even have to try
39:31 j’san This feels too good .
41:21 j’san \u0026er the trees .
43:13 latejune why bother .
45:26 Biosphere morning fog .
46:53 j’san soothing sh!t .
48:13 C O C O N O U T Les Amoureux .
51:06 Artesiia her .
52:51 biosphere down by the brook .
54:52 Kendal Miles Light year love (with Somar) .
56:49 Ibrahim as the stars tremble .
59:14 mommy hilfiger spilled milk .
Artwork by Naela Ali

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homework and study music (ミュージック)
Study and homework music
1 hour study, work playlist
Studying, working music
Background music for work, reading and sleep.
Study music for final exam to get A+
cute songs for work lofi
late night study session
1 am 3 am study playlist
beats for study sleep relax
lofi for study
lofi songs 
lofi hip hop mix Background music for work, reading and sleep.
Background music, BGM, cafe, study bgm, study background musicrainy lofi mix
Music to focus, concentrate
Work music bgm jazzhop cafe music
Background music, BGM, cafe, study bgm, study background music
homework & study (music )(ミュージック)

homework & study (ミュージック)

1 A.M Study Session 📚 – [lofi hip hop/chill beats]

✔️ | This music is free to use in your livestreams \u0026 videos
🎼 | Listen on Spotify, Apple music and more
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🎨 Artwork by Margaux Peltat
🎵 Tracklist
[00:00] Intro
[00:15] WYS Snowman
[03:25] Fatb Cotton Cloud
[05:28] rook1e x tender spring the places we used to walk
[07:44] imagiro wool gloves
[10:28] Glimlip x Yasper I’m sorry
[12:43] mellø Nova
[14:24] goosetaf x the fields tape x francis carried away
[16:20] j’san x epektase snow \u0026 sand
[19:02] HM Surf Single Phial
[20:46] cocabona x Glimlip Drops
[22:43] Aso espresso
[25:10] Ambulo x mellø Luminescence
[26:50] DLJ x BIDØ Explorers
[28:48] Sarcastic Sounds Wish You Were Mine
[30:51] BluntOne Reflections
[32:48] Purrple Cat Alone Time
[36:08] Kupla Owls of the Night
[38:28] dryhope Steps
[40:54] ENRA amber
[42:20] Psalm Trees fever
[44:51] H.1 Circle
[46:41] Pandrezz Cuddlin
[49:32] Jordy Chandra Late Night Call
[51:44] less.people Gyoza
[53:42] G Mills Keyframe
[56:32] mvdb breeze
[58:06] Mondo Loops Lunar Drive
🎶 Support the beatmakers
Fatb →
rook1e →
tender spring →
imagiro →
Glimlip →
Yasper →
mellø →
goosetaf →
the fields tape →
francis →
j’san →
epektase →
HM Surf →
cocabona →
Aso →
Ambulo →
Sarcastic Sounds →
BluntOne →
Purrple Cat →
Kupla →
dryhope →
Psalm Trees →
H.1 →
Pandrezz →
Jordy Chandra →
less.people →
G Mills →
mvdb →
Mondo Loops →

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1 A.M Study Session 📚 - [lofi hip hop/chill beats]

Jeff Bernat – Still | แปลเพลง

song :
lyrics :
.:。゚‘゚・.。.: .:。゚’゚・.。.: .:。゚¨゚・ .。.: .:。゚¨゚・ .。.:
เพลงเศร้าอีกแล้ววว ความหมายก็ตามนั้นเลย ผู้ชายเลิกกับผู้หญิง พยายามจะลืมเขาแหละ พยายามจะทำตัวโอเค คนอื่นมองแล้วก็แบบเออมันคงสบายดี ไม่เจ็บไรแล้ว แต่ความจริงก็คือออ มันไม่เคยโอเคเว้ย ยังเจ็บอยู่เลยนะ ;; แง อิน
ชอบเพลงใหม่ของ Jeff ทุกเพลงเลย ไว้ว่างจะแปลเพลงอื่นมาลงด้วยนะคะ มีอะไรก็คอมเม้นไว้ด้านล่างได้เลยน้าาาาาาา เริ้บบบบบ
‒ sd.ds ❀

Jeff Bernat – Still | แปลเพลง

นอกจากการดูหัวข้อนี้แล้ว คุณยังสามารถเข้าถึงบทวิจารณ์ดีๆ อื่นๆ อีกมากมายได้ที่นี่: ดูบทความเพิ่มเติมในหมวดหมู่MARTIAL ART

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